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Year 2014

Year 2014 was very busy, not only with dogs but in other aspects as well. Beginning of the year we moved into our new home. During summer I travelled around in international shows and got last missing CACIB.s for Riemu's INT CH title as well as Latvian CH title. Riemu also got group 1st in Oulu int show, that weekend was succesfull as also in Kokkola int show we got BOB for Liekki and BOS for Riemu. Myrsky started her show carreer during the spring and did very well in junior class, getting cacs from all of her first 3 shows, and also BIS Jun 3. in Lahti int. show. Autumn time we spend mostly home waiting for our new family member and to our december winner shows we travelled with our 6 week old baby boy. There we got Helsinki Junior Winner title for our Myrsky. For year 2015 we hope e.g. some puppynews ;) Below picture from group ring in Oulu with judge Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa, and Myrsky's Junior Winner Picture.



Jyväskylä Int. Show 16.11.2013

Judge: Manola Pogessi, Italy. Riemu, Kailua Sharp Shooter BOS, CACIB. Maia, Davik's Have A Nice Day BB4, Liekki, Mirthmaker Dragon Attack Int1 Exl.

Tartto, Estonia, 2xInt. Show 2-3.11.2013

Saturday judge: Tuula Savolainen, Finland. Maia, Davik's Have A Nice Day BOB, CAC & CACIB and thus new international champion and new Estonian champion!! :) Maia also took ResBIG under same judge! Riemu, Kailua Sharp Shooter BOS, CAC & CACIB. Liekki, Mirthmaker Dragon Attack, BB4.

Sunday judge: Per Svarstad, Sweden. Riemu BOB, CAC & CACIB and thus new Estonian champion! :) Maia BB4, Liekki Int 2 Exl&CQ.


Seinäjoki Int. Show 20.10.2013

Judge, Pirjo Aaltonen, Finland. Riemu BM2 res- CACIB, Liekki BB4.


Porvoo All Breeds National Show 15.9.2013

Judge, Valeria Gervais, Canada. Pyry, Mirthmaker Ride The Wild Wind, BOS and CAC! :)


Tervakoski Int. Show 24.8.2013

Judge, Leni Finne. Liekki, Mirthmaker Dragon Attack, BOB, CACIB and CAC !! :)



Riemu and Liekki got their eyes checked. Riemu is clear, Liekki has one extra eyelash in her left eye, so she got marked having distichiasis, othervise she is clear too.


Iisalmi Int. Show 4.8.2013

Judge: Birk Carsten, DK. Riemu, Kailua Sharp Shooter BOB, CAC & CACIB. Liekki, Mirthmaker Dragon Attack, BB2 res-CAC :)


Isokyrö speciality 3.8.2013

Judge: Paavo Mattila, FIN. Xena, Mirthmaker Killer Queen, Jun1 BB2 CAC :)


Pori Int. Show 27.07.2013

Judge: Klein Dagmar. Pekko, Mirthmaker Action This Day, Jun1 BM4


Hyvinkää all breeds show 14.07.2013

Judge: Leni Finne, Finland. Pyry, Mirthmaker Ride The Wild Wind, BM1 CAC and BOS! :) Congrats to owners as well!!


Orivesi all breeds show 08.06.2013

Judge: Pirjo Aaltonen, Finland. Riemu, Kailua Sharp Shooter BM1, CAC and BOS. Liekki, Mirthmaker Dragon Attack BB3 & res CAC.


Rauma All Breeds National Show 26.05.2013

Judge Otto Schimpf, Austria. Our breeding Pekko, Mirthmaker Action This Day JUN 1, BM1 & CAC and BOB!!


World Winner trip to Budabest 11-18.5.2013

There were 3 shows held in Budabest during the World Dog Show 2013, One Cacib show, WDS and Club show for arctic breeds. I had Riemu with me, and he did pretty good job. He won his class in Cacib and in Club show and got two CACs, in WDS he got EXL without placement. Below pic by: Hiroyo Shimizu


Tampere KV näyttely 04.05.2013

Judge Biasiolo Giuliano, Italy. Liekki, Mirthmaker Dragon Attack JUN 1, BB3 RESCAC. Riemu, Kailua Sharp Shooter BM3 CAC, our breeding Pyry, Mirthmaker Ride The Wild Wind JUN1 BM 4 RESCAC.


Lahti INT Show 27.04.2013

Judge Riitta Lahtovaara, Finland. Liekki, Mirthmaker Dragon Attack JUN 1, BOB JUN, BB 4 resCAC . Riemu, Kailua Sharp Shooter BM 2 resCAC and resCACIB.


Puppy meeting 24.3.2013

Our first puppymeeting took place in Ilmajoki, where we tried some sledding with juniors and just enjoyed beautiful sunny day. More pics can be found here.


Kauhajoki working trial for sled dogs 09.03.2013

Our dear quest, Knox, Destiny's Fox In Socks got first price with rare full 60/60points!



Kauhajoki working trial for sled dogs 16.2.2013

Kiira, Bedarra Wicked Witch Of The West First price with 57/60 points.


Tallinn INT Show 09.02.2013

Judge Bo Skalin, Sweden. Liekki, Mirthmaker Dragon Attack JUN 2, JUN CAC. It was her first show. Riemu, Kailua Sharp Shooter Best Male CAC and CACIB and BOS. Maia, Davik's Have A Nice Day BB4. Below pic by Joosep Johanson


Ylämaa working trial for sled dogs 2.2.2013

Riemu, Kailua Sharp Shooter First price in open class with 56/60 points. Maia, Davik's Have A Nice Day First price in open class with 58/60 points. :)

Below pic by Jaakko Lisitsin


Kajaani INT Show 13.1.2013

Judge Natasa Davidovic, Serbia. Maia, Davik's Have A Nice Day BB1 CACIB and BOB!! Riemu, Kailua Sharp Shooter BM4.

Pic by Niina Virkkunen


Swedish Winner show 16.12.2012

Judge Birk Carsten, Danmark. Maia, Davik's Have A Nice Day was BOS and got CACIB, she is now Swedish Winner 2012. Riemu, Kailua Sharp Shooter was JUN1 and is now Swedish Junior Winner 2012. We are very happy about these results :)

Below picture by Victoria Ryytty: BOB Zenko De Ciucki and BOS Davik's Have A Nice Day


In early December we got some snow and started sled training straight away.

We aim to participate some working trials for sled dogs early next year.


Seinäjoki international show 27.10.2012

Judge Petrus Roosenboom, Belgium. Maia, Davik's Have A Nice Day was BOS and got CACIB. Riemu, Kailua Sharp Shooter was BM3 and got RES CAC.


In September we also started to train on dirt!

Riemu got some official health results

Riemu got his eyes, hips and elbows controlled in September and he has healthy eyes, hips A/A and elbows 0/0. I'm very happy for these good results.

World dog show 2012 Salzburg 19.5.2012

Riemu, Kailua Sharp Shooter won Junior class and became Junior World Winner 2012! It was Riemu's 2nd show in Junior class and my very first visit to WDS, totally worth it ;)  Riemu's father Snowmist's Quicksilver Speigas was BOB and BOG! Riemu was handeled by Kuba Miazga. Below picture by Alexsandra Kolmakova. More pics of Riemu in WDS here.


We have puppies!

 9.5.2012 Reina got 7 puppies. More info at puppies section.


Puppy news :)

 Reina has been mated with Flash, Foxfire Grease Lihtning, puppies expected beginning of May. Planning mating for Mia during autumn 2012.


Lahti Cacib show 28.4.2012

Riemus first time in junior class, he got EXL, JUN1 and BM 3 :) He really gave me hard time in the ring, seemed to forget how to behave himself. Maia did well as well; she got; EXL, CHAMP2. BB2 CC and res CACIB.



Kiira and Maia got their eyes checked and both have healthy eyes!


 Tallinna CACIB 12.2.2012

 Riemu BOB puppy and BIS puppy 3! Maia BB 3 res Cacib. 


Working trial Kauhajoki 4.2.2012

 Reina leader class 2, Kiira ja Maia both open class 2. My first trial where I'm musher :)