I was born early 80’s in south west Finland. I have spent my youth in countryside living in a farm. We had all sorts of animals including horse, pigs, chicken etc. and of course also Finnish Spitz. My first own dog I got when starting high school, it was spaniel called Mori. With her I tried many hobbies including agility, obedience training and dog shows. Mori became important member of my family, and when I moved out for studies my parents decided to keep her in the farm. This surely was better option for her, instead of moving into small apartment.

After high school I spend a year in England working in one Labrador retriever kennel. I was in charge of feeding, exercising, cleaning and training the dogs. I also worked with puppies and visited many dog shows. It gave me a good lesson about breeding and kennel work as well as show world.


Siberian Huskies

How did I end up having my own husky? It was total coincidence. I was hiking in Lapland with my fiancÚ, Jarkko, and we visited husky farm in Rovaniemi. It was summer time so we had no change to try sledding, but we spend hours in that place watching the dogs and discussing with the kennel workers. After the visit we decided that one day we’ll also have our own husky.

Some years passed from that day in Lapland and so we got our first husky, Reina.  We thought that husky is one of the most challenging dogs to train, and we worked like maniacs with Reina. We took her to all sorts of puppy classes, match shows, obedience classes etc. At some stage we noticed that husky is not actually that difficult breed at all, it doesn’t park and hassle all over the places, it’s 100% present in all activities and gets easily on with other dogs. Anyway first year’s efforts with Reina were worth of it; later on it has been very easy to work with her in any field. Sledding training we started with Reina with pawtrekker pike and skijoring. Also we were lucky to get Reina into bigger local sled team.

Kiira joined our pack few years later, followed by Riemu and Mia during the autumn 2011, and thus I got my own small sled team ready for winter fun. Since then our pack has been growing slowly with some imported dogs and my own breeding. Our dogs are family members for us, and for us it’s most important to spend time with them without setting high targets in any fields.

Mirthmaker – I chose this name for my kennel just because the dogs bring so much joy and pleasure to my life.