C.I.B. EE CH,Junior World Winner 2012, SE JW-12 V-15

Kailua Sharp Shooter

Riemu joined our pack during autumn 2011. I have admired Riemu's father Snowmist´s Quicksilver Speigas for a while, so I was very thrilled when I heard I had an opportunity to have his boy from the litter he had with Kailua De Ciukci. Riemu arrived to Finland waiving his tail and ready to conquer his new homeland. Riemu is really open and happy boy and makes my life much fun. This far I have been very happy with the job he has done in both shows and in front of the sled. Riemu has passed official working trial with first price with 56/60poits.


Date of birth: 25.6.2011

Eyes healthy, hips A/A, elbows 0/0

Pedigree, show and test results


Breeder: Kennel Kailua - Małgorzata Maciejewska